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Brooke Benevento

Meet Brooke Benevento

Coaching Clarity for Empowered Females

Brooke Benevento an accomplished coach trained and certified by the prestigious Think and Grow Rich Institute, renowned for its transformative approach to personal development and success. With a deep understanding of manifestation techniques, Brooke specializes in helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals with clarity and purpose. Brooke seamlessly integrates practical strategies with powerful mindset shifts, empowering her clients to overcome limiting beliefs and align their actions with their desires. With personalized guidance and transformative insights, Brooke supports her clients in creating the life they envision and manifesting abundance in all areas of their life. Whether it’s career advancement, financial prosperity, or personal fulfillment, Brooke Benevento is dedicated to helping her clients manifest their dreams into reality.

Brooke has been married to her husband Seth for 13 years and they share 3 children together. In Brooke’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, going on walks with her dog Ellie, and diving into a good self-development book.

If you are interested in having Brooke speak at your event email brooke@passionintopurposecoaching.com

What I Do

Passion Into Purpose

Are you ready to become part of the 5% who make the choice to transform their lives and manifest their wildest dreams? Join me on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and manifestation mastery. Together, we will unlock your full potential and create the life you desire.

Family Reunification

At Family Reunification Alliance, we understand the profound importance of reconnecting with loved ones and rebuilding strong family bonds. Our mission is to provide compassionate support and guidance to families seeking to reunite with their immediate family members.


"Hi brooke i am feeling better every day with myself. I notice I want to work harder at my job and this makes me more productive. Before I was dreading waking up for work with no energy! I know I've only been talking to you for less than a month but already I have gained so much knowledge in bringing positive _ energy to everyone."
Barbara Smith
"Today is the 1st day in awhile that I haven't reached for my ativan. I drove my husband to work, no anxiet t feel like dancing and singing."
Jannie Martin
"It's crazy. I've been talking to my son Aft about this stuff and he's been unofficially working on his mindset and putting out what he wants. His baseball has been on fire and things are happening and it's just so very exciting! It's a world! Thank you again. I'm looking forward to speaking with you again soon!"
Mary Sommers
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Common Questions

Q. Where are you accredited?

A. Brooke has been accredited through the Think and Grow Rich Institute (14 month Program) 

Q. How long have you been Coaching?

A. Brooke has been in the coaching field since 2022

Q. Do you take payment plans?

A. Yes, we do our best to work with all our clients. 

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We provide a few options:

– 1-on-1 coaching

– Group Coaching for Individuals or Businesses

– Corporate Coaching

– Retreat Services

– Speaking Engagements