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Transform Your Life WithA Certified Relationship Coach

It's time to take charge of your narrative. Decide to move forward and engage with a dedicated relationship coach who is committed to you and your family's success.

Our Other Services In House If Requested

Unlock The "Holistic Wellness Package" With Brooke!!!

When Brooke decided to go through her own awakening and become an intuitive coach, she quickly discovered that there were three distinct factors that she needed to improve on to heal not only herself but her family as well. She discovered that she wanted to condition her body once she conditioned her mind. Being that she was never taught the fundamentals of good nutrition and exercise, she sought the best to help her achieve maximum results.

This is how the "Holistic Wellness Package" was formed. We pride ourselves in being the first ever coaching program to enlist an entire team to fit any needs you may have while in your transformation period. Brooke has done all the work for you! She has worked closely with this team to ensure that every client gets the one-on-one personal attention that is needed during this time.

Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainer will set up a personal training schedule to ensure that the workouts you do daily are formulated to work with your body type to ensure the maximum outcome and lifestyle. 


Our Nutritionist will guide you through what you were not taught in school about nutritional value and what foods can provide you with the most energy you need to feed your body and your mind. We are not here to put you on a diet.

We are here to educate you on how a healthy

diet can improve and

maximize your life. 


Our clinical therapist on staff is here if needed to bring any insights that may arise during your transformation period.

These brief visits will give a second perspective of what is going on emotionally from a more clinical view.

Brooke will work closely with this highly sought-after therapist to confirm that there are no hidden psychological problems that must be addressed before an awakening can occur. 


Brooke was phenomenal to work with. Her guidance and motivation helped me realize my true potential for not only myself buy my entire family.


Brook was precisely what I was looking for on my path to discovering my most authentic self after being a mom for 20 years. I will always be so grateful that our paths crossed.


Brooke is an amazing human being. She guided me with complete confidence on my journey to finding my other self. This Program was definitely the best investment I've made for myself.